Seasons in Sedona, Arizona


Because it is nestled inside Oak Creek Canyon, the seasons of The Briar Patch afford less extreme summers, usually 5 to 10 degrees lower than in town (just five minutes away). So, while it is not unusual for temperatures to exceed 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Uptown, a more comfortable, largely shaded 85 degrees is enjoyed at The Briar Patch. The proximity to Oak Creek also contributes to Briar Patch’s climate. Not only are summer months cooler, but also a bit more humid than the High Desert “dry heat” in Uptown.


Conversely, the winter months of December through February are truly winter months. Snowfall is not uncommon at the Briar Patch, with an average snowfall of 17 inches per year, compared to only 4 inches per year in Sedona proper. Deep within the base of Oak Creek Canyon, Oak Creek helps warm the cozy cottages of The Briar Patch that are just a few steps away. Freezing temperatures at night are not uncommon but it is rare for daytime temperatures not to exceed 32F. Average daytime temperatures are in the 50s. Occasional and breathtaking snowstorms do hit The Briar Patch, but due to the average daytime temperatures, the snow melts quickly.


Sedona’s seasonal changes are more pronounced in Oak Creek Canyon, which is well known for its spectacular foliage during the autumn months of October and November. Foliage changes in Oak Creek Canyon have been known to rival those of the beautiful forests of the Northeast. Average daytime temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s, with mid-30s during the night. Great hiking weather!


Much like the Northeast and Midwest, when Spring hits the Oak Creek Canyon, trees, flowers, and plants blossom. What’s different is that Spring hits as early as mid to late February, but typically begins in early March. And of course, the temperatures are much more moderate than back east. Due to its moderate Spring temperatures of the mid to upper 70s in the daytime, is a perfect time to hike the hundreds of trails throughout Sedona. Average rainfall in Spring ranges from a half inch to 2 per month.

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