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December 2023

Briar Patch Inn Celebrates its 40th Anniversary and welcomes a new Events Director

In the late 1970s, as Phoenix, Arizona experienced a surge in population, JoAnn and Ike Olson sought a quieter life and relocated to Cottonwood, near Sedona. In 1983, they came upon what was then The Briar Patch Resort, a property with a rich history and an abundance of blackberry vines. 1987, they acquired the property, formerly known as Terracotta Cottages and, by combining the two, The Briar Patch Inn came into being. The Inn has been a family-run business, managed by their son Rob Olson for the past 28 years, fostering a sense of family not only within the Olson clan but also among staff members who have dedicated decades to the establishment.

The cottages and the main Lodge are decorated in Native American southwestern décor, reflecting the family’s appreciation of the Arts and Culture.

Briar Patch Inn holds a special place in the Sedona community, offering a sanctuary for healing, relaxation, digital detox, and communion with nature.

The Olsons have diligently preserved the historic cabins and embraced sustainability initiatives, deliberately eliminating digital distractions such as telephones, Wi-Fi, and televisions in the cabins to facilitate a disconnection from the outside world. The Inn’s commitment to providing a space for transformative experiences is evident in numerous stories of magical encounters shared by guests over the years. Grateful for the support from both the local Sedona community and global visitors, the Briar Patch Inn looks forward to expanding its role as a destination for intentional healing and nature connection through wellness retreats and events.

2023 marks the 13th year in a row that Ranking Arizona has named Briar Patch Inn the #1 Bed & Breakfast in Arizona.

Briar Patch Inn is delighted to welcome Elizabeth Brito as the new Events Director. Elizabeth has extensive hospitality experience with her customer service training starting at the Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, then moving on to some of the best catering companies and restaurants in Philadelphia. She moved to Sedona, Arizona in 2019 to practice her Healing Arts, and has been a massage therapist here at The Patch for four years. She is very excited to guide others toward “Nurturing Their Relationship with Nature”. When she is not in a healing session or at the front desk, she may often be found exploring the Red Rocks of Sedona, connecting with Mother Earth.

Briar Patch Inn is very excited to announce the following retreats happening here through March. Please contact the facilitators directly for more information.

January 8 – 12 “Female Empowerment” Let Go & Level Up to Step into Your Power Are you ready to make life changes in 2024? Do you need guidance stepping into your power? Do you want to connect with the highest version of yourself? Join us in Sacred Sedona for 5 days & 3 nights of intensive inner work using the elements of Nature to heal, reset, and rejuvenate. “Nurture Your Relationship with Nature” with the healing energy of the trees and beautiful Oak Creek next to Briar Patch Inn. ebrito@bodyandsoulhealingsedona.com or www.bodyandsoulhealingsedona.com
Elizabeth Brito 610-613-2291

February 1 – 5 “Couples Retreat” Heal and deepen your heart connection. Create deep trust and closeness. Bring ease to your communication.
Elizabeth Brito 610-613-2291

February 21 – 25 “Energetic Renewal” Designed for helpers & healers to recharge their healing powers.
Joni Francisco 208-241-8589

March 14 – 16 “Feminine Magic” Immerse yourself in a long weekend getaway in devotion to the sacred feminine, connection, and wellness. While we lead you through ancient practices of yoga, meditation, and breathwork, we can guarantee an innate sense of discovery within the portal of who you are. Reflect. Connect. Expand. Transform. Serious inquiries only: email, website, Instagram Chase Salenger (host) email: c.salenger95@gmail.com Instagram:@chasesalenger
Chase Salenger 818-738-4477

March 22-24 “Enchanted Odyssey” For this Enchanted Odyssey Retreat in Sedona, the setting of the Briar Patch Inn is fully in alignment with their vision to offer a magical experience for each retreat. It is their mission to create welcoming safe spaces for women to explore and unravel the threads that weave through their lives. To connect women through magical journeys, creative experiences, and play; to allow women time to rediscover their true selves, to create a portal through which new stories can be written and new tapestries can be woven.
https://www.enchantedodysseyretreats.com/ hello@enchantedodysseyretreats.com
Kristin Knoll 480-274-8620

We wish you times of soothing tranquility and quiet reflection

We look forward to seeing you in 2024!