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Experience AZ Top 5 Finalist

vote for briar patch inn as arizona's number one bed and breakfast

Honored by our distinction with Ranking Arizona as the state’s #1 Bed and Breakfast, we were delighted to hear that another organization has recognized us.  Experience AZ, an online and in-print publication detailing the best places to eat, play, and stay in Arizona, recently announced that we’ve been selected as a Top Five Finalist for their Reader’s Choice Awards.  In the category of “Bed and Breakfast,” we are among the five favorite in the state.

If you would like to see us as #1, we would love to have your continued support.  Please follow these simple steps to give us your vote:

1. First, click on this link.

2. Next, type “Briar Patch Inn” into the window and select it from the drop down menu.

3. Then, submit your email address in the second window that pops up labeled: “Your email address”.

4. Last, click on the box that says: “Cast my Vote”

5. That’s it! You’ve voted!

vote briar patch inn as number one bed and breakfast in arizona

Heron cabin hospitality.

Voting will conclude the last day of September and winners announced October 1st.  We will update you when we find out the results of the contest.

If you’re in the sharing mood, you can also leave a review on Trip Advisor.  If you have any questions about how to vote or about anything else, please feel free to leave them as a comment below.

Our Oak Creek Winter

wintercollage1 at briar patch innThe sheep pen, creek side tables, and trees all dusted in snow.

Having our property nestled along Oak Creek Canyon certainly has its perks during the hot summer months.  Unlike the rest of Arizona, or even nearby        Sedona proper, our shady trees and close proximity to cool, creek water make for a much more pleasant and manageable summer temperature.

   Winter along Oak Creek is similar to summer in its contrast to the rest of Sedona; with a lower elevation than the rest of the town, it is fairly common to have a beautiful white winter at Briar Patch Inn.  Since our blog is new and you readers may be planning your holiday vacations early, we thought it would be fun to share with you a bit of what the Patch can look like in a colder season.       These pictures were all taken this past December 2012, when we had a truly white winter.

We hope you are enjoying your summer.  Please come and visit us soon!

wintercollage2 at briar patch innOur mascot Henry blending right in, a snowy pathway, and an angelic tree cloaked in snow.


Five Scenic Reasons To Visit Sedona

Sedona is a wonderful place to vacation.  It has great restaurants, shopping, jeep tours, and more.  But by far, the single most compelling reason to visit is the beauty of Sedona’s natural landscape.    In case you’ve never been, here are five scenic reasons why Sedona should be your next travel destination…

panoramic view of red rocks featured on briar patch inn blog

Red Rock State Park

With over 286 acres of natural red rock, you won’t be short on sites to see.  There are hiking trails, guided hiking trails lit by moonlight, and a large variety of plant, animal, and bird life to observe.  Red Rock State Park is a site you literally can not miss; it’s the basic back drop for all of Sedona!

oak creek canyon rushing with red rocks in background featured on the briar patch inn blog

Oak Creek Canyon

This 12-mile long river gorge descends from Flagstaff all the way into Sedona where we happily nestle.  Often known as the Second Grand Canyon, it is known for its unparalleled beauty.  Great fishing too!

slide rock state park featured on briar patch inn blog

Slide Rock Park

If you have children, this naturally formed rock slide water park is the place to visit.  Several Olson children have made their way down these slides over the year.  Did you know it also contains one of Sedona’s only existing apple orchards?

coconino forest featured on briar patch inn blog

Coconino National Forest

This picture probably should have gone first because all of scenic spots are located here.  This website is a great resource on the forest’s camping and visiting hours.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 6.52.01 PM

Wilson Mountain

For serious hikers, you might try climbing the top of Wilson Mountain, the highest peak in Sedona.  It’s a grueling 11-mile trip but the view at the top makes it well worth it!



Lyra: Another Season of Magical Music

We have two exciting announcements over here at the Patch; first, welcome to our Briar Patch Blog!  We thought it would be fun to update the site with some of our visitors stories and events that happen at our cozy bed and breakfast.  Now, we promise that Briar Patch is by no means going high-tech (no telephones or cable entering our cabins any time soon)! But for those of you who have loved Briar Patch for your 1 or 2 week stays in a year, we wanted to bring you a little something more.  With a beautiful photograph of the grounds, a funny story about Wooly and Bully, or a Briar Patch event, we hope that we can keep the magic of our special place in your hearts all year round.

image for lyra cd featured on the unprocess

Allen, Jo Ann, and Maryanne smiling at the camera at Briar Patch Inn

Allen and Maryanne with Briar Patch owner Jo Ann.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that Lyra, our favorite classical strings duet, has returned to for another summer season.  Marking their 24th year with us, guitarist Maryanne Kremer-Ames and violinist Allen Ames will accompany breakfast by the creek side every Thursday through Sunday for the entire summer season.

In addition to performing at the Patch, Lyra has also performed throughout the state of Arizona, California, and New York.  They have recorded with several notables including the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Dave Brubeck, as well as their own personal recording which is available in each of our cabins for your listening pleasure (we especially like their rendition of The Beatles’ classic tune, “Blackbird”).  All four of their albums are also available in the office for purchase.

Our breakfast by the creek is from 8-10 every morning and Lyra will be performing from 8:15 to 10:15 Thursday through Sunday mornings.  For those of you who have an upcoming visit, breakfast is included in your stay.  Local guests or just passersby are also welcome to come for breakfast; please call the office in advance to make a reservation.

Maryanne and Allen Ames playing guitar at the Briar Patch

Allen and Maryanne creekside.