The mystical autumn chill is in the air and the red, yellow and brown leaves are falling ever so softly to the earthen floors of Sedona. Pumpkins, Squash, and Apples can be seen harvested everywhere and decorations put out at every house and store front. Scare crows greet you with their toothy smiles and a brisk wind flows through the air letting you know summer has ended and winter is coming soon. Despite the crisp mornings and nights, we are still having glorious warm weather days that are perfect for exploring Sedona. The sunsets at night are like beautiful rose cotton candy wisped across the sky, and the scent of Juniper wood being burned fills the air at night and all the families and couples are cuddled up with blankets next to their cozy fireplaces. Now seems to be an ideal time to visit the Briar Patch Inn! We wish everyone a plentiful harvest, a snowy winter and a Happy Halloween!

Warm regards,

The Briar Patch Staff