Seasons and Holidays

Spring in Sedona – 2017

As spring spreads its wings, the winds are dancing through the air and whispering sweet nothings of change, birth, growth, and breathtaking beauty everywhere we look. The fruit trees have burst into sweet blossoms, the flowers are starting to bloom, the bees are buzzing, and the birds are singing their happy refrains. We’re all delighted to feel the warmth of the sun, and we look forward to the sun-dappled

Happy Holidays from the BriarPatch Inn 2016

As the last leaves float to the ground and the frost settles in, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Our elves have dressed the Briar Patch Inn in twinkling lights and Christmas finery, and at night, you feel like you’ve fallen into a holiday storybook tale. Enjoyed in the warm ambience of the lodge our hot, delicious breakfast will give our guests the gusto to venture out

Fall Harvest 2016

The mystical autumn chill is in the air and the red, yellow and brown leaves are falling ever so softly to the earthen floors of Sedona. Pumpkins, Squash, and Apples can be seen harvested everywhere and decorations put out at every house and store front. Scare crows greet you with their toothy smiles and a brisk wind flows through the air letting you know summer has ended and winter

In honor of the arrival of Spring

In honor of the arrival of Spring, Spring break has commenced! For the next few weeks many families are coming to Sedona to show their children the great outdoors and enjoy this beautiful warm weather with their loved ones! Come stay with us and enjoy our 9 acres of lush green property, our sweet sheep, and the crystal clear Oak Creek where you can swim and fish! If you

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

Love is in the air and we look forward to welcoming our Valentine ’s Day sweethearts and friends to the Briar Patch Inn! If you are coming to stay with us, or just coming to visit Sedona for the day, here are some lovely options for entertainment and dinner this special weekend. First and foremost, the Shops at Hyatt Pinon Point in uptown Sedona will be hosting a Chocolate

Photo Galleries of our Sedona Cabins Throughout the Seasons

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Happy New Year 2016!!!

January is our time here at the Briar Patch Inn when is slows down and we are able to reflect on the year past. We see how we have met our goals, what areas we can still improve and then create new goals for our present year, 2016! Along with this we like to do our spring cleaning early and make sure all our cabins are at their best,

Happy Holidays – 2015

As we ring in another new year we are so grateful to all our guests that came to stay or came for breakfast, for it has been a very fun, busy and magical year with you all! We are so happy to have made new memories and been blessed with all the good fortune and health we have today as a family owned and operated business for going on

Happy Thanksgiving – 2015

Our sweet little inn is a warm invite from the winter cold and with our indoor fires, hot apple cider and home-baked cookies; you’ll never want to leave! We want to make each holiday special and we look forward to welcoming our Thanksgiving guests and helping them make reservations at delicious Sedona restaurants or with their home-cooked meals in their cabins. Here are three Thanksgiving dessert recipes that you

Halloween 2015

Autumn is finally here and we can feel the magic in the air! Our wonderful little Briar Patch Inn is adorned with pumpkins, squashes, acorns, red, orange and yellow leaves and friendly scare crows that welcome our guests as they enter the property. Our warm and cozy wood burning fireplaces enrich the air with a juniper scent, along with our home baked cookies that are fresh everyday when our